How to Feast Healthy Over the Holidays

Another year is coming to an end and most people will be looking forward to the upcoming holidays that involve lots of shopping and eating. Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and others celebrated by various cultures bring friends, families, and strangers together. These holidays also cause people to lose sight of maintaining control over their food consumption while leading them to extreme cases of over-eating. Continue reading

Simple Approach to Losing Weight

North America is popularly known for its high percentage of the overweight and obese population; this is due to the high amount of refined sugars in most foods sold in supermarkets which are also laden with preservatives and synthetic chemicals that promote addictions, cravings while developing eating disorders. For instance, overeating is a common disorder that can lead to extreme weight gain also known as obesity. Continue reading

Holistic Approach To Vagina Health

Many women today suffer from pathologies of the vagina. Women of indigenous cultures leading up to their current generation who still adhere to sound cultural practices have always taken pride in personal hygiene and beautification which facilitates a healthy and disease-free community.The woman’s uterus is where a new soul develops for the purpose of populating the planet with more human beings thus continuing the circle of life. However, with the advent of Continue reading


Many people – from babies, young children, teenagers, adults and elderly – are affected and have some form of skin condition in our society today. Some of these popular skin conditions are acne, eczema, herpes, psoriasis, rashes, and dermatitis. The Human skin is the largest organ of the body and is a living breathing organism so attention and care are required to ensure that it is healthy in order to prevent these issues; when the main eliminative channels- colon, kidney, liver, and lungs – are overworked and cannot remove toxins as fast and they are produced in the body then the skin is used as an emergency exit to compensate for this imbalance. The main cause of skin conditions is toxic blood; this is Continue reading

Myths About Fruits You Wouldn’t Believe

Too often when I’m consulting or conducting coaching sessions with clients I frequently get into a discussion about why fruits consumption is not included in their daily diet. Some of these conversations are based on the most mind boggling misconceptions about fruits I have ever heard. Maybe you have held one of these beliefs yourself because fruits have become a victim of urban myths in today’s civilized society. Continue reading

Who Wants to Spring Clean?

     Winter is over and spring has arrived again. It’s time to spring clean, not your home but your body! Most people are looking forward to warmer weather, shaking off the winter blues, longer sunny days and enjoying the seasonal events with friends and family. However, a lot of us also have to deal with all the past holidays’ deliciously enticing dishes we had indulged in and now have to face the unexpected weight gain that came from the after effects of overeating from Thanksgiving to Easter; it’s basically eating five months straight from fall to winter and the waste-line has grown a few inches. So we go into panic mode and rush to the gym before summer to drop those extra pounds. With our busy lifestyles and work, maintaining a strict workout schedule at the gym does not seem so realistic and we become discouraged.  Well, I am here to share my testimony that the gym is the least of your concern; if you are not cleaning your body from the inside out it will be difficult to shed those excess pounds. Continue reading

What’s Eating Us?

     Everyday we are being bombarded with so call food commercials while we watch TV, view billboard ads, read magazines, newspapers, and surf the internet. However we have never stopped to think the mental impact those ads have on our everyday lives and decisions we make especially when it’s time for us to eat those favorite meals we absolutely love to feast on. Well let’s face it; we are so caught up with our jobs, taking care of our children, and other activities that require our time and energy so we tell ourselves, “who has time to prepare wholesome meals day-in and day-out.”

Continue reading